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Storage and Maintenance
Renting an exhibit eliminates the cost of storage and maintenance. Storage rates typically
average about 20.00 per month per 4’x4’x8’ crate. A 400 square foot exhibit averages
about 6 crates, or 1,440.00 annually. To open and inspect all the panels and components
of this exhibit would take about 8 man-hours, or 520.00
3 shows per year         $1560.00
9 months storage        $1080.00
Annual cost                   $2640.00

Renting a exhibit is about 25% to 30% of purchasing a typical custom exhibit. Beside the
obvious advantages outlined previously, the not so obvious should be pointed out. A rental
preserves cash flow as well as allows a company to expense the actual rental costs
associated, a purchase is generally a large capital investment which then must be
expensed according to a depreciation schedule. And selling a used custom exhibit does
not present good resale opportunities.

Freight and Drayage

A 20’x20’ compact, lightweight rental exhibit will generally fit into 2 crates, the same
custom booth needs about 6. Shipping and drayage (show site freight handling) costs are
proportionally less.

Flexibility, Agility

Exhibit in any sized space, with a new design for every show. Add or eliminate conference
rooms, workstations, even 2 story structures as you require. As your needs change, your
exhibit changes. As your company grows, so does your exhibit. If you’re on a tight deadline
and budget, choose a design from our Basic Configuration catalog. We can ship the very
next day!
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